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  1. First Journey

    All hooked up to the tow vehicle and ready for it's first camping trip! There are still a few things to finish, but it's road worthy and the camping season is almost over. We weren't sure how heavy it...

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    First Journey
  2. Galley Hatch Attached!

    Attached the galley hatch to the main body of the trailer using a hurricane hinge. Then using this calculator to figure out what kind of gas s...

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    Galley Hatch Attached!
  3. Poor Man's Fiberglass (Part 4)

    We painted about six layers of paint to get to this stage. The first four layers were mostly "oops" paint (mistints, returns, etc.) that we got for cheap at hardware/paint stores. The final ...

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    Poor Man's Fiberglass (Part 4)
  4. Poor Man's Fiberglass (Part 3)

    Canvas is all attached, so we're almost ready to paint!...

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    Poor Man's Fiberglass (Part 3)
  5. Poor Man's Fiberglass (Part 2)

    More canvas attached, and then trimmed to the proper size on one side....

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    Poor Man's Fiberglass (Part 2)
  6. Poor Man's Fiberglass (Part 1)

    The method we're using to weatherproof the outside of our trailer is called poor man's fiberglass. Essentially we glue large canvas to the trailer and then cover it with many (about six) laye...

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    Poor Man's Fiberglass (Part 1)
  7. Galley Hatch

    Framing the hatch for the galley. Doing a dry-fit to make sure everything fits before we start to skin it, add wires and insulation, etc....

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    Galley Hatch
  8. Put on the ceiling

    Got most of the ceiling on. Front window is just in temporarily to test the fit....

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    Put on the ceiling
  9. Galley Cabinets

    We've got all the galley cabinets framed in. The stuff above the counters to will all be sliding doors. Cooler is on a shelf that pulls out, and has a 12v electrical socket it plugs into. Bellow the c...

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    Galley Cabinets
  10. Framed Benches

    Framing in some storage benches and shelves....

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    Framed Benches
  11. Bulkhead

    Installed the bulkhead between the cabin and the galley...

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  12. Trailer Floor Vinyl

    Put down some vinyl flooring....

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    Trailer Floor Vinyl
  13. Walls are Up!

    Walls are up!...

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  14. Trailer Walls Framed

    Walls are framed and insulated. Red pex tubing is for running wires. Still needs to be skinned with 1/8" baltic birch....

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    Trailer Walls Framed
  15. Trailer Profile

    Drawing the shape for the profile of the trailer....

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    Trailer Profile
  16. Trailer Floor Complete

    Finished putting the floor on the trailer....

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    Trailer Floor Complete
  17. Trailer Floor

    Starting to put the floor on the trailer....

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    Trailer Floor
  18. Prepping the trailer

    Getting started - the old trailer bed was cleared off. We sprayed the frame with black Rust-Oleum and painted the bottom of our new floor with a black paint to help seal it....

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