Dustin the Chef?

Many of you know that I have been working for three hours a day, during the lunch rush, at the cafe in the Yellow Grass skating rink. On Monday the lady who runs the cafe (Donna) is heading out of town for four days to take a well deserved break. I offered to cover for her, so that means four days of getting up at 5AM to make coffee and cook eggs and toast for the people of Yellow Grass. Many of the people who come in to the cafe in the morning do not come for lunch, so this is an opportunity for me to connect with more people. Business at the cafe has been fairly slow during the winter months, but this last week things really started to pick up again, so I would greatly appreciate your prayers during the next few days. I do have someone coming in to help during the lunch hour, which is usually the busiest time of the day, but neither of us has the skill and experience of Donna. You could also pray that I will be able to connect with the people who come in to eat, and that I will be able to explain my purpose in coming to Yellow Grass.