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  1. Reflections on 2012

    Last night as I celebrated the beginning of a new year with friends and family we reflected on Proverbs 3:5-6:...

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  2. Dustin the Chef?

    Many of you know that I have been working for three hours a day, during the lunch rush, at the cafe in the Yellow Grass skating rink. On Monday the lady who runs the cafe (Donna) is heading out of tow...

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  3. First Gathering: Complete

    We had our first fellowship gathering yesterday. Besides myself, 21 people came out. The service included singing, a short devotional, communion, a prayer time, and fellowship over coffee and rice kri...

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  4. December 4

    I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now… December 4 (this Sunday already!) is the launch date for our Sunday evening gathering. We hope that this will be a place for worship, discipleship, and ...

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  5. Success!

    Our first kid’s program is complete and was a success. We had a dozen kids out, which was good because we ran into a few problems letting people know that we were starting today. Now that the word is ...

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  6. We have liftoff!

    We finally have a start date for our after-school kid’s program. This Thursday, October 20, at 3:30 is our kick-off!...

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  7. A Vision For Yellow Grass

    Two summers ago I had the privilege of visiting the town of Yellow Grass as part of Alberta Bible College’s Youth Alive in Christ program. Along with three other students and a few mission minded  vol...

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